Cyber Attack on SUUNTO Dive Computer

Figure for Cyber Attack on SUUNTO Dive Computer

Authors: Sofia Dimant , Maya Kremer , Omer Shwartz , Yossi Oren

Venue: Technical Report


These days, many professional and recreational divers make use of dive computers in order to plan their dives and detect critical information such as tank air pressure, diving depth, location etc. Incorporation of technological solutions assists divers with having a safe and comfortable experience. Yet, such solutions may expose the divers to cyber dangers, which in underwater scenarios can lead to catastrophic outcomes. The underlying question of our research focuses on the vulnerability of dive computers: Are dive computers exposed to air pressure level spoofing attack? By constructing a wireless transmitter that uses the same communication protocol as the original tank pressure sensor, we hijack the communication channel between the sensor and the dive computer and transmit false pressure values to the dive computer.

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