Oren Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Adar Ovadya

Research Interests: Covert Channels

Anatoly Shusterman

Research Interests: Machine Learning and Side Channel Analysis.

Dan Arad

Research Interests: Mysterious Cyber Stuff

Iliya Fayans

Research Interests: Mysterious Cyber Stuff

Liron Avraham

Research Interests: Optical Channel attacks against Lidar Sensors

Lishay Aben-Sour

Research Interests: Side Channel attacks.

Rom Ogen

Research Interests: Wi-Fi Covert Channels

Roy Hershkovitz

Research Interests: Sensors security, android.

Shaked Delarea

Research Interests: Side Channel Analysis

Vitaly Dyadyuk

Research Interests: Implementation Security

Yehonatan Tsionov

Research Interests: Micro Controller Attacks

Yossi Oren

Research Interests: Implementation Security

Former Lab Members

Amir Cohen

Research Interests: Mysterious Cyber Stuff

Benyamin Farshteindiker

Research Interests: Intentional Sound Noise over Gyroscopic Sensors and countermeasures

Kevin Sam Tharayil

Research Interests: Spoofing attack on position sensors

Omer Shwartz

Research Interests: Hardware Security

Tran Nhat Truong

Research Interests: Optical Channel attacks against Lidar Sensors

Current Undergraduate Researchers

  • Zohar Avraham and Yosef Meltser: Interesting project #5
  • Shaked Eyal, Shani Houri and Roy Hershkovitz: Interesting project #6
  • Sofia Dimant and Maya Kremer: Interesting project #7

Former Undergraduate Researchers

  • Moran Azran, Tal Shkolnik and Niv Ben Shabat: Touch Context
  • Noy Bracha, Ran Shamay, Michael Ben-David and Roni Benoz: Two-Factor Authentication Based on the Piezo-Gyro Channel
  • Tomer Cohen, Naor Tedgi and Yonatan Menachem: SPI in the Middle
  • Anatoly Shusterman, Yosef Meltser and Yarden Haskal: Website Fingerprinting
  • Moriya Sa’ar, Gal Benedek and Moti Elishai: The PINPad Project
  • Kfir Zvi: Research Intern