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  1. Foreword

This document contains the collected scribe notes created by the students of my course titled “Attacks on Secure Implementations”, given in Ben-Gurion University during Spring 2019.

The following students contributed to the writing process:

  • : Introduction. Transcription by Michal Hershkoviz, graphics by Shir Frumerman, editing by Yoni Tsionov.

  • : Temporal Side-Channels 1. Transcription by Sagi Nakash, graphics by Ziv Tomarov, editing by Shaked Delarea.

  • : Temporal Side-Channels 2. Transcription by Itay Rosh, graphics by Noga Agmon, editing by Boris Kazarski.

  • : Low Data Complexity Power/EM 1. Transcription by Ronen Haber and Rotem Yoeli, graphics by Idan Mosseri, editing by Ben Hasson.

  • : Low Data Complexity Power/EM 2. Transcription by Barak Davidovich, graphics by Dan Dvorin, editing by Omri Fichman. Section about Template Attacks written by Adnan Jaber.

  • : Cache Attacks (Guest Lecture by Prof. Clémentine Maurice). Transcription by Ben Amos, graphics by Arbel Levy, editing by Yaniv Agman.

  • : High Data Complexity Power/EM 1. Transcription by Vitaly Dyadyuk, graphics by Alon Freund, editing by Omer Nizri.

  • : High Data Complexity Power/EM 2. Transcription by Rom Ogen, graphics by Shai Cohen and Tomer Gluck, editing by Adi Farshteindiker.

  • : Fault Attacks. Transcription by Dan Arad, graphics by Dorel Yaffe, editing by Iliya Fayans.

  • : Ethics and Responsible Disclosure. Transcription by Ron Korine, graphics by Daniel Portnoy, editing by Roy Radian.

The text for chapters 1 to 5 is based on lecture notes in Hebrew originally created by Yael Mathov. Tom Mahler was responsible for creating the chapter templates and masterminding the entire editing process. I am grateful to them and to everybody who contributed to this document.